Fidgets: A Fun Toy And An Opportunity

Recently, a new toy craze has swept society with such swiftness that few other such crazes can compare to it. The last time a toy has taken such hold of the public imagination in this same way was with the Cabbage Patch dolls of the 1980s. Everyone had to have one, and not just kids but grownups as well. It seems that people are keyed to respond to a simple yet fascinating toy that captures the imagination. Of course, toy crazes have a lot to do with the phenomenon of “bandwagoning”, by which the popularity of an idea or an object feeds on itself and grows rapidly to become “the big thing”.

The latest such toy craze is over a simple toy known as the Fidget. Doubtless just about everyone has seen one of these in a kid’s hand recently. The Fidget is a little spinning toy, usually coming in the form of a three-sided propeller-like object with ball bearings at the center. The Fidget is held in the center with the thumb and index finger while one uses another finger of the same hand to set it spinning. It is claimed that the Fidget is a stress-reliever, a concentration aid, a calming tool. Supposedly, it helps kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) by fixing their concentration upon the toy for long periods of time. Fidgets can even be used as a meditation tool according to other claims. Of course, after all is said and done, and past all the claims justifying the thing, the Fidget is at its most basic a simple, fun toy to play with. And that’s the beauty of the thing.

Now, a corporate marketer reading this article might be wondering what the Fidget has to do with their business. The answer of course is an obvious one. Given their popularity, Fidget toys are an immediate means to promote one’s brand. With a company or brand logo printed on it, a Fidget makes for a great cheap giveaway item that displays that logo. And just as with other promotional giveaways, Fidget toys can be used to create a favorable association with one’s brand, and indirectly encourage customers to consider the other products offered by the company sponsoring the giveaway. These toys are therefore ideal to complement one’s overall marketing strategy, and provides a potentially lucrative Return On Investment (ROI) for little expenditure involved.